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The majority of new cars are now equipped with air conditioning or more advanced climate control systems, the latter which enables passengers to regulate the temperature independently of the driver.

Most rely on this feature every day, not just during the hot summer months and generally air conditioning units are reliable and effective. However, there are moving parts involved in its operation so, just like a car engine, it will need to be serviced and at the very least, this should be every two years.

Although modern systems tend not to be problematic, there are two issues that are most prevalent when faults develop. Sometimes air conditioning systems will blow no cold air, or very little, and at other times, they may blow out too much. Both of these malfunctions are annoying but neither means a failure of the whole system.

A vehicle’s air conditioning system is made up of six major components. These are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver drier, expansion valve, and refrigerant.

The compressor runs the entire system and is driven by a belt attached to the engine. As it runs, the compressor injects cold vapour from the refrigerant into the condenser. This vapour is converted into liquid, which is transferred to the receiver drier. The receiver drier acts as a holding cell for the liquid refrigerant and removes excess moisture.

Liquid refrigerant is then pumped through the expansion valve where all of the pressure is removed. This allows the refrigerant to turn back into a vapour before it goes to the evaporator. The evaporator vaporises the refrigerant and absorbs all the heat from the passenger cabin. Once the heat is removed, cold air is blown into the passenger compartment using a fan.

If your car’s air conditioning is blowing too much cold air, there is probably a blockage somewhere in the system, which is forcing more air than normal out of all vents upstream from the blockage. An air conditioning system that is not blowing enough cold air usually has a leak somewhere. Finding these defects quickly is critical to maintaining the longevity of the system.

Because of its complexity, the air conditioning system can be costly to repair, so it’s much less expensive to have any issues resolved at the first sign of a problem.

At Brian Robson Coachworks in St Albans and Welwyn Garden City, we have the latest air conditioning equipment to diagnose faults but also carry out a complete service of your car’s system.

Ensuring that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is as safe and efficient as possible, we recommend that you have it serviced thoroughly every 2 years, as per the manufacturer’s specification.

To get a quote and book your car in, please contact us.

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